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A documentary series

Racism. Equal opportunity. Police brutality. Civil and human rights. All of a sudden, it doesn’t feel like the ‘60s anymore. This is the untold story of Howard Bingham, Muhammad Ali’s best friend for fifty years, and one the best photographer of the last century. With Alfonso Cuaron as Executive Producer and Gabriela Rodriguez, Dustin Bingham, Harlan Werner in the producing team, Robusto is working at the biopic of man whose courage is exemplified here by a fascinating and sprawling body of work. A man who would risk his life to tell a story. 
Howard left behind millions of pictures hidden in his archive, and now brought to life. Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Robert Kennedy. These are just a few names caught by Howard’s camera. The right man in the right sport, at the right time.  Howard Bingham was one of the greatest builders of cultural “bridges” in American history. A message of unity and reciprocal understanding  that should never go out of fashion.

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